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This week, I’m at… Diex

Josée Blanchard

When I met Ms. Talbot two years ago, I was immediately charmed by her energy and intensity. She is a straight-shooter and I like that. Let’s just say that “Ms. Talbot” was dispensed with pretty quickly and I called her … Read +

This week, I’m at… Vaporium

Josée Blanchard

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health! But what about e-cigarettes? The first time I heard about them was on an Air France flight, when a melodious recording reminded passengers that e-cigarettes were prohibited on Air France. I had … Read +

All Systems Go for TLD Canada // Company Profile

Josiane Guay

Every month, discover a Sherbrooke Company Profile… TLD Canada Design and manufacture of airport ground-support equipment (GSE) Creation: 1992 (TLD) – since 2002 in Sherbrooke (TLD Canada) Number of employees: 1300, 140 in Sherbrooke Target markets: Airlines // Ground handlers … Read +

This week, I’m at… Anges Québec

Josée Blanchard

Wouldn’t we all like an angel at our side? Someone to watch over us and help us when times are tough? That’s exactly what the private investors in the Anges Québec network do, or part of what they do. The … Read +

Stop playing games… create them!

Gordon Harling

Since 2002 Québec has seen an amazing growth in the multimedia sector. Jobs have grown 712% in the last decade for an annual growth of 22% according to Sylvie Gagnon, Director-General of TECHNOCompétences, who has just published data on employment … Read +

Supermétal: A Human and Technical Powerhouse // Company Profile

Josiane Guay

 Every month, discover a Sherbrooke Company Profile… Supermétal Design, manufacture and erection of structural steel Creation: 1959 – since 2001 in Sherbrooke Number of employees: 650, 130 in Sherbrooke Target markets: commercial // industrial // institutional // civil ____________________________________________________________________________ At … Read +

This week, I’m at… Riboclub

Josée Blanchard

Ribo what? RiboClub is a group of experienced biologists whose aim is to promote the study of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid), its evolution, its structure and its functions. By fostering the exchange of ideas, sharing of infrastructure and regular meetings, RiboClub … Read +