Entrepreneurship and investing
University Pole

Sherbrooke’s University Pole, with its 7 higher education institutions, sets Sherbrooke apart from all other Canadian cities of the same size. Member institutions, with their multidisciplinary expertise, work in partnership to develop the academic offering to students, foster the emergence of collaborative research projects and transfer their knowledge to the population and business community to generate wealth.

The University Pole of Sherbrooke is:

  • 75+ Research Chairs
  • 30+ Research Centres or Units
  • A dozen Research Groups in several areas
  • Over 11,000 employees
  • Over 3,700 professors and teachers
  • Over one billion dollars annually in direct economic impact


A proven success in Europe

The university pole framework is widespread throughout Europe, where partnerships between higher education institutions were created to better cater to the academic needs of students and of the community. Sherbrooke University Pole was devised along the same lines and is a groundbreaking initiative in North America.

A noteworthy accomplishment of the University Pole of Sherbrooke, ZAP (Zones d’Accès Publics – public access zones) network allows everyone to connect to free wireless Internet in the 174 access points throughout Sherbrooke’s territory.


Recognized research expertise

Sherbrooke’s University Pole has positioned Sherbrooke as a city of choice for its expertise in research and strong knowledge transfer between institutions and industry. Sherbrooke Innopole directs entrepreneurs with specific needs in R&D to the appropriate resource research.

Amongst the tools made available to businesses and public and private organizations with specific research needs, you will find the Bureau de liaison entreprises-Université (BLEU – Business-University liaison office), which liaises with the Université de Sherbrooke teams.


9 networks of centres of excellence

The Networks of Centres of Excellenceprogram is financed by the Canadian Government. These networks link Canadian University researchers and partners from the private and public sectors regarding specific issues. Sherbrooke is part of 9 networks:

  • 4 from the Life Sciences sector
  • 3 from the Innovative Technologies sector
  • 2 from the Construction and Engineering sector

Commercialization of research

Pole members have also provided themselves with tools to simplify the marketing of research and facilitate collaboration between the public and private sectors and educational institutions.  The ultimate goal is ambitious: that the Sherbrooke University Pole resonates at the national and international level to better serve the region, the Québec society and its numerous international partners.

The mandate of TransferTech Sherbrooke (formerly SOCPRA, Université de Sherbrooke’s commercialization and valorization firm) is to commercially valorize the skills of researchers and innovations resulting from Université de Sherbrooke research. Sherbrooke Innopole works as a partner in promoting the technologies within TransferTech’s portfolio, stimulating the creation of innovative companies in Sherbrooke.

The mission of ACET (Accelerator for the creation of technological businesses) is to guide university students in the creation of innovating commercial businesses.  Set up by the Université de Sherbrooke and its partners, ACET provides training, coaches and business environment specialists to selected students.


Talent with workplace experience

Thanks to its University Pole, Sherbrooke hosts more than 40,000 students each year within its two universities and 4 colleges.  Institutions can adapt their programs according to the specific needs of businesses. What’s more, the cooperative program, available in more than 40 educational programs at the Université de Sherbrooke, produce highly qualified graduates who are ready for the workplace.