Industrial and Science Parks
Sherbrooke Regional Industrial Park

The Sherbrooke Regional Industrial Park is strategically located for companies whose activities extend beyond Sherbrooke’s borders. With 2 direct routes accessing a major highway network (Highways 10, 55, and 410), convenient and easy access is undoubtedly this location’s most valuable asset. In Sherbrooke, the highest concentration of manufacturing and tertiary sector firms is located in the Regional Industrial Park.

Overall, the Park is home to 188 companies which employ 5,799 people. The Regional Industrial Park is the hub for manufacturing firms as well as distribution centers, warehouses, industrial suppliers, transportation companies, and other industrial sector related businesses. Companies which have selected this location benefit from the geographic proximity of a cluster of industry-related goods and services providers crucial to their operations.

Land Availability
Private: yes  / Public: yes

Land Prices
From $1/ft2 to $2.5/ft2 (*) including permanent works

Space Availability

Proximity to Highways 10, 55 and 410

Proximity to railway networks: St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad (SLR); Montreal, Central Maine and Quebec Railway (CMQ); Quebec Central Railway (**)

Property Tax   
$2.6083/$100 evaluation (*)

Water Tax
$0.5308/m3 (sanitation)

Waterworks: yes
Waste: yes
Electricity: yes
Naturel Gas: yes (for new services: possibility of extending the network)
High-speed Internet and fibre optic: yes
Public Transport: yes
Railway: no

* All costs are given in Canadian dollars
** Intersection with Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways