Industrial and Science Parks
Gene H. Kruger Industrial Park

Located in the Brompton borough (north of Sherbrooke), near Highway 55, the Gene H. Kruger Industrial Park includes 31 companies. Over 477 people are employed in a variety of sectors such as: machining, tooling, composite materials, motor vehicles, equipment refurbishing and fabrication, etc.

In 2011, Gene H. Kruger Industrial Park has been expanded by 10 new fields through the opening of the Joseph-Latour Street.


Land Availability
Private: no  /  Public: yes

Land Prices
From $1/ft2 to $2.5/ft2 (*) including permanent works

Space Availibility

Proximity to Highways 10 and 55

Proximity to St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad (SLR) (**)

Property Tax
$2.6083/$100 evaluation

Water Tax
$0.4393 /m3
$0.5308 /m3 (sanitation)

Waterworks: yes
Waste: yes
Electricity: yes
Natural Gas: yes
High-speed Internet and fibre optic: yes
Public Transport System: yes
Railway: no

*All costs are given in Canadian dollars
**Intersection with Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways