Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring is…

You are eligible to Sherbrooke Innopole’s Business Mentoring service if your business is located in the Sherbrooke RCM and you have been in business for over a year.

Business Mentoring is a support and sharing service between an experienced businessman and a new entrepreneur. Business Mentoring is for the businessman, not the business: it is a personal sharing experience between two entrepreneurs.

These meetings contribute to the development of the new entrepreneur’s knowledge and life skills. The Business Mentoring relationship is based on the mentor’s ability to guide the mentored businessman so he finds the solutions by himself.

The business mentoring program also offers free and exclusive courses to all mentorees. Presented by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton professionals, these training sessions cover subjects of interest for our entrepreneurs. A few subsidised workshops at discount prices complete this offer. All training sessions are offered in French only.

Business Mentoring is NOT:

  • Tailor-made solutions and recommendations for all your problems;
  • A business and challenges diagnosis;
  • A business coaching contract to enhance the entrepreneur’s knowledge and know-how.

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GoMentor.caTo learn more about mentoring for entrepreneurs or if your business is located in the Estrie region but outside Sherbrooke, visit the regional portal