Business Mentoring

Advantages for you and your Business

Business Mentoring is a winning strategic alliance for the mentored businessman. A trust-based relationship will develop that will help the mentored businessman stop and plan, validate his strategic decisions, get an overview of his business or simply find the small push needed to move forward.

Business mentoring benefits are many:

  • Develop life skills (develop or refine critical sense, creativity, problem solving abilities and skills for negotiation, communication, organisation, teamwork, etc.);
  • Stimulate solution-oriented creativity;
  • Validate his decisions;
  • Break isolation;
  • Grab new business opportunities;
  • Improve action plan;
  • Consider new business prospects;
  • Get an objective overview of his business;
  • Remain focused;
  • Increase success rate.

Mentees entrepreneurs testify

“Thank you for offering mentoring services to entrepreneurs like myself who are totally new to the world of management and entrepreneurship. Thanks for the pertinent training sessions offered. The service was very useful for my first year as business manager.”

“Our mentor has helped us identify our weaknesses, but mostly he has given us the boost we needed to find experts who helped us fill the gaps. The morning training sessions were appropriate and easy to understand. The best choice I have ever made!”

“I sincerely don’t know how you could improve the mentoring program! This is a winning recipe. Keep up the good work. Mentoring has helped me navigate through difficult times. I have learned a lot, and I am a better entrepreneur because of it. Thanks!”