Entrepreneurship and investing
Business Mentoring

Experience at your Fingertips!

Business mentorship is available to all entrepreneurs regardless of their age or the stage of growth of their business.  It allows an entrepreneur to share the experience of a mentor who has been an entrepreneur himself… and benefits are obviously considerable!

  • 73% of mentored businesses go beyond 5 years of existence compared to only 34% of businesses not mentored;
  • 78,4% of mentored businesses are still in business;
  • 66% of mentored businesses have seen their revenues grow.

You are faced with a complex situation and are wondering what choice to make? You would like to have a more objective perspective of your business to plan more effectively actions to be taken?  You would like to share your concerns and feel less alone? The mentors of the Sherbrooke Innopole’s cell make their diversified experience available to you. Training courses covering various subjects are offered exclusively to the mentorees.

The Sherbrooke Innopole Business Mentoring group is a member of Réseau M, a provincial Business Mentoring program offered by the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship. The Sherbrooke group is governed by rules and a code of ethics, thus ensuring quality service.