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Demtroys Technology – Energy Efficiency with Ultimate Comfort // Company Profile

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Demtprofil_entreprise_vertroys technology

Design and manufacture of systems to manage and control the heating costs of multi-unit buildings

  • Creation : 2010
  • Number of employees : 14
  • Target Markets : Multi-residential//Commercial//Industrial


With six years under its belt, Demtroys Technology is experiencing a growth spurt: its sales have increased by 350% over the past three years.

Behind this growing success is a winning formula: the goal of this Sherbrooke business is to create positive environmental, economic, and social impacts. The company offers an innovative solution to reduce energy consumption in multi-residential buildings, thus reducing heating costs, and its system is fully designed and manufactured by an intentionally multicultural team.

More specifically, Demtroys Technology has developed a real-time heating capacity management system for apartment building owners who pay their tenants’ heating costs. The result: an average savings of 20%, without jeopardizing the comfort of residents.


Balancing savings with comfort

To accomplish this, the Demtroys system fulfills two functions: it automatically manages both the building’s heating capacity and the units’ power demand – the infamous peak period.

“North American heating systems have a set capacity to resist our extremely cold winters. However, this capacity remains the same year round, which means that the building has a heating overcapacity most of the year,” explained Demtroys Technology President, Jean-Sébastien Cyr. “Our system adjusts the building’s heating capacity according to the outside temperature. A load-shedding function is also incorporated to coordinate the activation of electrical baseboards in each zone, thereby reducing demand during peak heating periods.”

In the end, heating cost reductions vary from 10% to 40%, which represent an 18-month to a five-year return on investment. The proof: Demtroys Technology has methodically monitored the savings of some 45 projects in Québec and Ontario, according to the IPMVP international standard. The results were then certified by independent energy efficiency experts. “Our measurement practices are recognized as being among the best in the industry,” noted the President.

IMG_9617Jean-Sebastien Cyr, Demtroys Technology President

Demtroys’ technology is also known for its adaptability: the system can be adapted to the size of the building – existing or new – as well as to the type of heating used – electricity, hot water, oil, or natural gas. The management interface also makes it possible to configure energy management in a number of zones according to cardinal points, floors, time of day, etc.

Unique expertise

Sponsored by National Research Council Canada (NRC), the Demtroys system to date has been installed in close to 7000 units in some 100 buildings, in large part located in Ontario – Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, and other cities.

“The Ontario government subsidizes our system, and our reputation is already well-established,” stated Jean-Sébastien Cyr. “The Québec market represents 10% of our sales, a proportion we obviously wish to increase. We tested the Western Canada, Maritime, and American markets in 2014.”

Demtroys Technology is currently focusing its efforts on accelerating market growth in Ontario and penetrating the northeastern United States market, subsequent to a validation mission that confirmed commercial potential in this region.

Indispensable R&D

To turn its growth plans into reality, Demtroys Technology is relying on its technical-commercial expertise, among other things. “We offer a turnkey solution. Design, production, communications with tenants, installation, training, system optimization, after-sales service: we have the capability to manage every step. We even propose funding solutions.”

Furthermore, this Sherbrooke company ensures that it keeps up with cutting-edge technologies and market demands. “Every year, we invest between 15% and 20% of our turnover in research and development; we are continually improving our system,” said this former innovation marketing consultant who launched this new business endeavour in 2009.


This approach has led Demtroys to offer a wireless version of its technology – with no renovations required by building owners. Each system has secure online access, which enables the remote optimization and validation of heating control parameters.

The added value of an intercultural environment

Located on Longpré Street, Demtroys Technology has a 3200-ft.2 space, where all of its systems are designed and produced. A multidisciplinary, multicultural team of 14 work there, six of whom are of Tunisian, Nigerian, Beninese, or Mexican origin.

“This presents both an interesting challenge and an infinite richness for our company,” stressed its CEO, who has a Master’s degree in International Management combined with vast travel experience. “To me, hiring a new Canadian is a question of social justice, especially in the context of a labour shortage. At Demtroys, I am making this my contribution, my personal mission.”

Jean-Sébastien Cyr doesn’t hide the fact that, at times, communication can prove to be a challenge, but the challenge is met every time. “Time is taken to explain and to understand one another; the team has developed a great sense of openness, from both professional and personal perspectives. We have also chosen to improve everyone’s skills; for example, we pay for our employees to take English courses to facilitate conversations with our clients. It’s a win-win situation!”

Furthermore, each employee is equally responsible for creating value in the business, by honing its intrapreneurial culture.

The expertise at Demtroys also stands out due to its diversity. The company’s endeavours require the convergence of five sciences: mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering, and telecommunications. The company’s qualified personnel thus have varied professional backgrounds, with one common denominator, valued versatility.

Established in 2010, Demtroys Technology soon started earning awards. In 2011, it won the grand prize in the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest. Earlier in 2015, the company won the top award in the Innovation en développement durable (sustainable development innovation) category at the gala event presenting the winners of the Prix d’excellence en environnement des Cantons-de-l’Est (Excellence Awards in Environment in the Eastern Townships) as well as three awards at the Gala Reconnaissance EstriePetite et moyenne entreprise (small- and medium-sized enterprise), PME innovante (innovative SME), and AIDE de la diversité culturelle (support of cultural diversity).



813, Longpré street, Sherbrooke (Québec) J1G 5B8 Canada
1 877 570-4272

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