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Attraction to Address a Workforce Shortage

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Marque employeurWhat makes a company appealing to job seekers?

This question, which is currently being considered by most, if not all, Québec businesses, seems to me to be much too vast to come up with a single concrete solution. In other words, why search to attract potential employees on a general basis, rather than a specific one?

Each company has its own particular portrait, identity, personality, or, in a more trendy term, its own employer brand.

In order to attract candidates that fit with the company’s personality, one must first define this famous employer brand. This is the first step.

Who are we?

Whereas it’s easy for the president to answer this question, that response may not always convey the company’s true essence. The fundamental question to ask is:

Is this vision shared by all employees?

Regardless of the size of the business, to make it appealing, the first step is to define to whom it should be made so. The goal is that individuals be genuinely attracted to the company for what it truly is in real life. Otherwise, a ridiculously high turnover rate will rapidly appear; employees thus recruited will soon leave.

A word to the wise: Be transparent.

This exercise may reveal that the company does not offer a very stimulating workplace. This points to the need for a change in culture. The trick is to start at the bottom. If there isn’t much to boast of and, in the end, the employer brand is somewhat undefined, there is work to be done on the very basics of the organization.

No, it will not be an easy task.

What are these basics? What underpins them?

This is the perfect time to leave the office and discuss this with those most involved: the company’s employees.

Their reflections may surprise you. Hold brainstorming sessions; ask them to share their opinions, frustrations, suggestions for improvements; and especially remain open-minded. Talk budget with your employees; this can and should be done. Explain the issues you face to them. This way, you can build on your employer brand.

Listen to your employees. Develop and implement solutions that will work for your company. Create a synergy by introducing changes supported by the entire organization, and make them known.

You have just updated your employer brand. Consequently, while promoting your real workplace and a vision that is shared by everyone, it will be easier for your company to be seen as appealing. You will attract talented people keen to advance in this precise setting, and you will be able to retain them over the long term.

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